TPMS Senors

TPMS Senors

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The TPMS sensor is the part of the tire pressure monitoring system that is placed inside the tires. Usually, they are attached to the tire valve stem, and measure air pressure (psi) levels ruling in the tire.

TPMS sensors transmit this tire pressure data to the TPMS monitor on the vehicle’s dashboard. When air pressure levels drop in the tires, these TPMS sensors notify the driver by lighting up an error message on the monitor. TPMS sensors wear out with time, as their battery runs out. At that time, they need to be changed.

  • Air Pressure

    The primary function of TPMS sensors is to monitor air pressure levels in the tires and transmit that information to the vehicle.

  • Battery Life

    The battery life of TPMS sensors is a couple of years (3-5 years), after which they need to be changed as their readings will be off.

  • Report Issues

    When air pressure levels drop below the recommended, the TPMS sensor will send a warning message to the TPMS monitor.

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