TPMS Tools

TPMS Tools

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TPMS tools help you diagnose and repair issues relating to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System of your vehicle. It identifies the type of TPMS sensor you use in the tires, along with the information the sensors have.

These tools can basically detect and activate TPMS sensors and connect their communication with the vehicle’s onboard system. Additionally, they can also direct the TPMS to perform certain actions. TPMS tools make checking and performing maintenance on TPMS sensors easier.

  • Detect Issues

    The TPMS tool tells you what specific error has occurred with the TPMS, identifying issues more easily.

  • Fix Problems

    Any error that appears on the TPMS monitor can be checked and most can be fixed by using a TPMS tool.

  • Maintenance

    The TPMS tool helps you perform regular maintenance on your TPMS sensors and the vehicle’s onboard computer.

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