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Tire Sourcing

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Regular price$250.00

Select the Brand of tire and in your Order Notes indicate your preferred size. We will reach out to confirm everything and find the tire of your choice at the best price possible.

If your Brand is not listed then select "Other" and indicate the Brand in your order notes, as we have access to over 2000.

CASTELLO Dynamics simply does it as a service to our clients and offers this service with a $250.00 deposit on the account. The deposit will be deducted from the final price of the tire purchase. We will source the tires you need and deliver them.

If you have purchased rims from us, we will install them along with the TPMS Senors.

The cost of the tires will be no more than if you did the process yourself.

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CASTELLO Dynamics will provide the following:

Parts: Free Delivery

Wheels: Arranged or Pick Up

Cars: Arranged or Pick Up

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