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New Manhart MH4 600

Is A 626-HP Upgrade For The BMW M4

Story by Isaac Atienza

If the 503-horsepower BMW M4 Competition is too tame for your tastes and performance desires, you could either splurge for a more potent car altogether, or you can send your M4 Competition to the wizards at Manhart. Manhart has been known to tune various performance cars — oftentimes giving them a matching exterior upgrade that only their mother could love. For this latest tuning package for the BMW M4 Competition, though, they've actually managed to hit a design stride whilst bumping up the car's performance.New Manhart MH4 600 Is A 626-HP Upgrade For The BMW M4
New Manhart MH4 600 Is A 626-HP Upgrade For The BMW M4© Provided by TopSpeed

The MH4 600 Take On The BMW M4 Looks Tasty This Time Around

Say hello to the MH4 600 but compared to the MH4 600 from 2021 and even the MH4 GTR II that's based on the limited-production M4 CSL, Manhart exercised restraint for this upgrade package and managed to actually make this one of the finest exterior upgrades you can execute on your M4 Competition.

It also seems that Manhart is aware that their signature black and gold treatment isn't to everyone's liking, as they've acknowledged that this new MH4 600 is much more subtle than the previous MH4 600. The company says: "The coupe, which is based on the G82 M4 Competition, is visually only very subtly refined. For example, the aforementioned decorative kit has been completely dispensed with, as have the retrofitted Manhart rims."

In lieu of the Manhart rims are the Styling 1000 M forged wheels from the M Performance Parts range but painted by Manhart in matte gold bronze and measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear. The carbon fiber body kit, which consists of a front spoiler lip and side skirts, is actually from the M Performance Parts catalog as well, though the front grille, rear diffuser, and fender side vents are made by Manhart. On the other hand, the interior remains unchanged from the standard M4 Competition.


How Does A 626 Horsepower M4 Sound?

While the exterior upgrades have been tastefully restrained, the performance boost is the exact opposite. The M4 Competition's 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six produces 503 horses and 479 foot-pounds of torque, but in the MH4 600, that's been bumped up to 626 buff German horses and 576 foot-pounds of Earth-shattering twist. This is thanks to an MHtronik auxiliary control unit and a stainless-steel exhaust system, with the latter having multiple exhaust designs and finishers.

As a result of the powertrain upgrade, Manhart claims that the MH4 600 can sprint from 0-200 km/h (124 mph) in just 10.5 seconds, while the overtaking run from 100-200 km/h (62-124 mph) happens in just 6.42 seconds. But the Manhart MH4 600 isn't just quick in a straight line. Thanks to the Manhart H&R springs or the Manhart coil over suspension Variant 4 by KW, the upgraded M4 can sustain higher cornering speeds as well. The M4 Competition's standard factory brakes or optional carbon ceramic ones remain the same, but they're still capable of stopping the car in a dime.

Pricing for the Manhart MH4 600 has not yet been revealed by the German tuning company, but we're definitely sure it wouldn't come cheap. Besides, if you can afford an M4 Competition, the price of the Manhart upgrade kit will simply be just a spare change.

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